Giving Report February 2014

Your Donations at Work November 2013

During the fourth quarter of 2013, $43,761.00 was given to assist at-risk children and young adults who have “aged out” of the system in Volusia, Seminole, Orange and Osceola Counties. Details are listed below, but first we wanted to let you know how your donations positively impact the youth in our community and particularly the following young person:

When you’re a child and the only life you know is one of abuse, neglect and hurt, it’s impossible to imagine a future that could be full of anything but despair and failure. Helen was removed from her abusive and unfit mother at an early age and lived with a variety of relatives before ending up in foster care. Consequently, changing where she lived required her to change schools as well and Helen soon fell behind her grade level. Her behavior pattern consisted of running away, fighting in school, skipping school and losing all interest in her education. Eventually, Helen ended up in one of the Wings-supported residential homes where she began receiving counseling and experiencing a positive, caring environment. She began to blossom, gained self-confidence and set goals for herself. In 2009, Helen “aged out of the foster care system” and started to participate in the WingsNet program. Helen graduated from high school and enrolled in college where she achieved 3.96 GPA and received an Associates Degree. She is currently scheduled to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing later this year. Helen is currently interning with a major sunglass company and will study abroad after graduation. WingsNet helped Helen on her journey by providing funds to cover many of her educational and living expenses and we look forward to continuing that support until she graduates.

Update and News

Here’s specifically how the funds were used from October through December, 2013:

  • $12,050: High School Diploma, GED awards and expenses
  • $ 6,066: Counseling
  • $ 2,978: Clothing and personal care
  • $ 2,578: Needs/expenses for residential homes
  • $ 2,280: Transportation
  • $ 2,164: Savings match awards
  • $ 2,064: Academic achievement awards
  • $ 1,764: Tutoring
  • $ 1,706: School supplies and books
  • $ 742: Sports/Physical education fees
  • $ 133: Medical and Rx

$43,761 Total

We will continue to report how YOUR donations are being used. Thank you for your confidence that Wings of Hope will continue to be good stewards of your generosity.

News to Share

Successes from 2013

We’re so pleased – and grateful — to let you know that Wings increased our 2013 fundraising efforts by more than 12% — and actually GAVE more than 14% — than we did in the prior year! Thanks to each of you who helped by making individual donations, selecting Wings as your workplace giving charity, asking your companies to match your donations, sponsoring and participating in our Gala! You truly are the wind beneath our Wings!

2014 Updates

In addition to supporting our WingsNet program to help “aging out” teens and the children in residential care, we’ve also directed a portion of the contributions we’ve made for 2014 to programs that support families in crisis believing that prevention is the best step toward stopping child abuse.
The State of Florida began the new Extended Foster Care Program on January 1, 2014. Up until now, all teens reaching age 18 were “out of the system” and on their own. This new program allows 18-year-old youth the chance to stay in their current foster home — if it is a good match and both youth and foster parents agree. One very important element is that youth who choose to go out on their own are allowed to come back if they decided it wasn’t working out as well as they expected. Statistically, 33% of youth leaving the foster care system at 18 become homeless within 3 years. Hopefully, this new program will reduce those numbers.

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