Giving Report November 2018

Your Donations at Work November 2018

During the third quarter of 2018, $6,850 was given to assist at-risk teens and young adults who have aged out of foster care (between 18-22 years old) in Central Florida. Details are listed below, but first we want to let you know how your donations positively impact the youth in our community and particularly the following young person:

It’s a difficult transition from foster care to being completely responsible for everything in your life: food, rent, clothing, utilities, health, transportation, and countless other expenses and demands. Jullian, a 22-year-old who spent most of her teenage years in foster care, is working hard to make a successful transition after failing in her first attempt at independence. She realized she was unable to make it on her own and needed better life skills and more guidance.

The Faine House accepted Jullian in April 2018. At The Faine House, she receives the life-skills training, coaching, and guidance that she desperately needs and wants. At her office job, Jullian is learning marketing skills. She also is enrolled full time at Valencia College and is completing courses at Financial Peace University. She feels positive about her future and excited about soon becoming independent again and continuing to grow in her marketing career. We wish her much success!

Update and News

WingsNet participants are thankful for your support!
WingsNet participants are thankful for your support!

Here’s specifically how funds were used July through September 2018:

  • $ 3,780.00: academic achievement
  • $ 1,224.00: life skills training
  • $ 60.00: health/wellness
  • $ 325.00: employment skills/performance
  • $ 1,461.00: special needs

$6,850.00: Total

We will continue to report on how YOUR donations are being used. Thank you for your confidence that Wings of Hope will continue to be good stewards of your generosity.

Individually we do make a difference. Together we change lives.

Thanks for Giving

Thank you for assisting the many at-risk, homeless and unaccompanied young adults in Central Florida by providing:

  • Shelters for homeless and unaccompanied young adults
  • Education and testing assistance
  • Life skills training to ensure a path to independent living
  • Medical and dental needs
  • Job opportunities and training
  • Help in emergency situations
  • And so much more

Those you help don’t get to see you and talk to you but they are beyond grateful for your help. And perhaps they’re a bit bewildered by it too. When 16-year old John received assistance from Wings of Hope he said, “Why do they care?”

We know why you care. Because you want to make a difference in a young person’s life. And you do.

Thank you for caring. Thank you for giving.

Thank You

On behalf of the many at-risk youth you help by supporting Wings of Hope, we thank you. Individually we do make a difference. Together we change lives.

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