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It’s the kind of phone message you love to pick up.

“I’m interested in helping you, if I can. I was told by my sister-in-law that Wings of Hope wants to remodel an old kitchen in Brian’s House. I may be able to help. Please call me at your convenience.”

Returning the call, Tony Gautsch talked to Reza Afshari, General Contractor. While small remodeling jobs are not his usual business — larger construction jobs are — he was willing and happy to meet with Wings of Hope and the Children’s Home Society (CHS) staff to talk about what work needed to be done. What followed is most extraordinary.

At Brian’s House Tony met Reza and, after talking about what was in mind for the kitchen, he explained how he would help if we were interested:

“I will donate my time with a charge only for my materials and any labor costs I incur. I don’t want to make a dime on this. I want to do this work to help the children.” Then he suggested many improvements that he would do to make the kitchen much more functional at virtually no cost.

Here’s the plan: The kitchen will be remodeled with an effort to keep it as operational as possible during construction. Walls will be relocated to enlarge the area, cabinets and countertops removed and replaced, drop ceiling raised with new lighting, new stainless steel sink, new dishwasher, new range with microwave and new refrigerator.

An architect’s plan arranged by Reza at no charge has been approved by CHS. A cabinet manufacturer has measured for new cabinets that will be provided at manufacturer’s cost. Tile for the countertop will be purchased at distributor cost. Heavy duty appliances (commercial if needed) will be purchased at dealer cost.

Reza has devoted much time and effort to this project and will have it completed by the end of June. He is a remarkable man who constantly smiles as he gives his time, his talent and from his wallet as well.

The eight young men who live at Brian’s House,Wings of Hope and CHS are blessed that Reza chose to make such a big difference.

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