A Change for Wings

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Wings of Hope was set up as a 501(c)3 private foundation over sixteen years ago. This designation was established since it was a family organization and all operating expenses were provided by the founders.

Throughout the years, however, we have essentially operated as a public charity because we raise the majority of funds from individuals and corporations.

Since a public charity has certain fundraising, administrative and tax advantages over a private foundation, we decided to apply to the IRS to formally change our status to that of a public charity.

There will be no change in our corporate name and we will continue to operate in the same way as we have in the past. And nothing will change in terms of what makes us unique:

  • 100% of all that is raised through Wings of Hope goes to at-risk children and young adults “aging out” of the system
  • No salaries or compensation are given to anyone affiliated with our organization
  • We specify exactly how our contributions are to be used and follow up to ensure the outcome
  • We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Let us know if you have any questions or if we can clarify anything for you.
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